We Dwell Within You

We Who Seek You O God, Show Us The Path And The Righteousness, Show Us Out From The Snares, The Pits And The Falls Surround Me, The Enemies Surround Me, I Will Not Abandon Your Teaching My God, I Will Hold Pursuit, I Will Bear The Sword My God, I Will Pray For Those Opposed To You, With Pen And Tongue And Sword Of Mercy, With Wisdom And Goodness, Without Harm Or Malice, I Will Rebuke The Indignant. O God Of Mercies Spare Your People, Count Their Suffering Towards Righteousness, Make Blameless Their Paths, For My Conscience Is A Clean Bird Song, My Spirit Is An Elevated Air, The Crisp Mountain View, The Heights Of All Wondering And Fulfillment. I Am Deceived Not By The Dreams And Illusions, I Am Deceived Not By The Appearances And Mirages, I Take No False Prosperity And False Wealth, My Riches Are The True Values, My Treasure Is The True Heaven, O Good Source Of Patterns Within Me, Now You Sing And Praise With Unutterable Clarity, Now You Speak Forth The Good Hymns, We Wander Not O God Of Sure Paths, We Dwell In Your Truth, O God Who Is The Door Of Salvation, Good Boundary Of In And Out, Make Our Work Fruitful, Make Our Trees Blossom With A Thousand Petals, May We Reign Down The Sound Of Righteousness And Justice Over The Kings Of The Earth, May We Reign Down The Sound Of A Thousand Hymns Of Glory Over The Fields Of The Earth, May Our Song Permeate The Thousandfold Actions And Speeches, May Our Patterns Live Within You, For Our God Is A Righteous Being, Who Corrects All Errors And Brings Equation To Imbalance. Live In The Good Rising My Friend, Dwell In God’s Mansions, For Here Are Places And Places And Yet Still One Place, Still One World. We Live With The Good Hope Brethren, We Suffer With The People, We Feel As A Thousand Souls In Particular Harmony.

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