Under Your Tree (The Wondrous Harmony)

O God, Wondrous Harmony of All Infinities, Under Your Tree We Still Sit After All These Years That You May Show Your Face To Us Once Again.. We Long As the Children of the Son, We, Those Of Your Flock, the One Minded, Those Ever Patient and Peaceful, Those Ever Striving, Those Ever Wondering, Those Ever Driving Forth Through Infinite Trials- We Who Are Weighed Against The Highest Standard In All Possibility, We Who Are In Your Providence, Sustained By Your Mana. And Who Do You Get Your Sustenance From Good God? Where Is Your Uncreated Bounty Originated? And In What Outpouring Wisdom Is All Your Beauty Created From? In Pure Rays and Lucid Distinct Forms Does Your Glory Shine Forth. In Tender and Gentle Corrections Does Your Mercy Adorn Us. In Subtle and Exact Caresses Does Your Affect Enlighten Us, O Perfect God. You Of Perfect Harmony, You of Perfect Architecture, You of Perfect Projection, You Of Perfect Expression, You Of Perfect Love That Is Always Complete And Unendingly Flowing Forth. We Know Now Lord, Where Your Beauty Is From, We See Now Lord, As Much As You Have Chosen To Show Your Face To Us. It Is In Your Knowingness That We Have Faith, It is In Your Concealment That We Strive For You To Show Your Face Once Again. Come To Us O God, You Speak To Us In The Lightest Hues, You Listen To Us With All Sensitivity, You Feel Us With Tender Mercy. What Is That Source From Which You Draw Out Your Sustenance? What Is That Origin Of Your Best Eternity? How Could It Be Other Than You Yourself, My Good Friend? How Could Your Springs of Life Be Not Within You? How Could Your Eternal Tradition Be Other Than Your Creative Discovery? It Is You O Infinite Wellspring, It Is You Who We All Gather Around. I Know Only Myself, But You! You Know All Selves, And You Are All Selves, Your Feeling Is The Good Learning, Your Wisdom Is the Good Lesson, Your Teaching is The Good Climbing. With You Is A Perfect Boundary Of Inside and Out. With You Is Elevating Absorption. With You is Perfect Logical Mystery, With You Is The One Ordered Activity. As We Sit Here Under Your Tree Good One, We Pray, Show Us Your Face Once More! Give Us This Cup To Drink Once More! We Won’t Tell Your Secret, O Ancient of Days! We Won’t Fall Away Once More, Oh Holy of Holies! Your Overflowing Exactness is More Than Enough!

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