Tree of Wonder

Look! Tree of Wonder, How You’ve Grown By Now! What Ways And Paths You’ve Travelled! All Over The Earth Have You Been And Always Go, Throughout The Sky Your Branches Reach, Deepest Wonder. And Now With Your Protection, With Your Help, With Your Foundation, We Open Our Head To The Heights Like You Do, Praising God in The Sky, We Open Up Our Lives To The God In The Heights, All Beings See Me, And All Beings Know Me As The Father Has Known Me, As The Many Paths Of Your Good Reaching Know Me. I Am Opened Up Before All Men, What Is In My Soul Is Known Only To Me But In It’s Reflections I Give It To You Now, Good Friend. All My Paths, All My Searching, All My Tribulations. I Offer It To You, My Good God. All Souls Are Known As They Know, All Souls Are Opened Up To Us, We See Through You And In You, O Tree of Prophecy, You Speak in Clear Syllables, Good Master, You Choose With Good Value, Holy Love. My Soul Through The World Is Like Your Tree of Wonder, Exploring Many Paths and Branches At Once, All In Song To The Sky, Reaching Towards The Heavens I Sing, Reaching Into Your Secret I Sing. Through My Good Breathing Is All In Reciprocity, Do I Know As I Am Known. Good Sunlight, Good Refreshment, The God That Births You Is The True Fidelity. O Wise Wonder, O Good Council, O Good Voice of Hope, Your Way Is The Rooted Way, Your Body Reaches Into The Foundations, Into The Deepest Core, Good Master, What If I Too Could Reach With You, So High And So Low? Never Shaking Or Stirring, What If I Endured Like Your Majesty, Like Your Tradition, Like Your Clear Voice, What If I Too Could Sing To The Ages The Song Of Grace? What If My Wonder Was Like Yours? How Could I then Approach You, My Good Reaching? The Birds All Dwell In Your Highest Branches, The Song Reaches and Pervades and Never Quite Ends. Each Bird Carries Its Tune To The Outer Bounds, Heard By Another, Who Is Heard By Another, And The Whole Chorus Awakens The Treetops, Good Friend. This Song I Sing To You, Holy One, With What Memory Does It Harmonize, With What Airs Does It Meet It’s Splendor? With What Structure And Order Is It Organized? This Temple To God’s Wonder, This Tree of Wonder, This Choosing Effort of Good Responses, We Wait For You, Good One. Teach Us To Sing Like The Ages. Teach Us To Strive Like The Great Ages. Teach Us The Character of The Best Ages. Teach Us The Harmony of The Ages. Pull Away What Covers Your Image of Time. Pull Away That Veil of Tears. Rain Forth Like The Majestic Mountain Afternoon, Good Sky Above Skies.

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