O Source Of Charity

O Source Of Charity, Source of Love Unbounded, Source Of Best Energy, Good Choosing Is Your Way, Good Asking Is In Your Voice, Why Is My Inside Not Like The Out? Why Can They Not See Me For Who I Am, O God? They Do Not See Me, But They See Ghosts, They Do Not Hear Me, How Can I Fix The Errors O God? What Reparation Must I Make? What Must I Confess? They Do Not See My True Soul, They Do Not See My Good Thought, O Source Of Charity I Seek Only The Good Of Neighbors, I Seek Only Profit For Him, I Seek Only Renewal And Restoration Of The Best Age, O Source Of Charity Help Me To Deliver Unto Them The Best Gift, I Have Not Power Of My Own But Only From You, And From You It Lives In Me, O Gentlest Virtue, O Wise Consideration, O Good Choosing, Let Me Know Thy Grace, I Know Not The Opportunity To Share This With Them, I Have Not The Door Opened Yet, Grant Me The Life Blood O God, I Will Praise Your Name

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