O Source Of All Hope

O God Of All Mastery, Wisdom Above Skies, Sword Beyond Violence, You Are The Creative Skill, You Are The Depths Of Logic, You Are The Paradigm, You Are The Reason, Your Music Is The Method Of Being, Your Life Still Strives Within Us, And Beyond All Nature, Beyond All Created Things, Beyond All Trial And Attempt, We Are In The Final Mission, We Are In The Final Love, We Sing With Heaven’s Glory Unbounded, That All Possible Adversary Is Conquered, Christ Has Triumphed In Eternity, We Bleed Out The Love Of The Saints, We Rise In No Uncertain Glory, For The Kings Of The Earth Have Been Vanquished By The Good, The Kingdom Has Overcome The Darkness. O Michael, How We Cherish Your Name, How We Cherish Your Forces And Your Actions,

Let Us Live Now In The Sights Of Harmony, Let Us Abide Now In The Ancient Of Days, Good Ehyeh, Good Crown, Good Uncreated Light, Bring Forth Your Plan Of Salvation, Bring Forth Your Light Of Mercy, Draw Your Children Back To Your Bosom, Draw Us Back To The Field, For We Are The Glory Of Eternity, We Are The Rising Sun, We Are The New Day Living In The Great Tradition, The One And Only Apostolic Mission As Established By The Only Master Himself, And Known By All Peoples Of The Earth, Her Door Has Always Been Open, Her Great Building Has Always Been Known In Every City, In Every Nation, By Every People, And Now We Draw Back Together All The People Of The Book, Be You Orthodox, Universal, Or Protestent, We Draw You Back To The One Church, To The Only Church, We Draw You Back To The Bride Of Christ On Earth, Let No Man Mistake His Relation To God For An Error, Let No Man Be Deceived That God Never Was, Let No Man Deign To Think That A People Could Exist Without God, Let No Man Deign To Think That God Is Not Purely Good, Without Admixture, Without Blemish, Without Taint Or Sin Or Dot Of Imperfection, For He Is The Only, The Good Source Of Hope, His Mission Is The Right Cause, His Goal Is The Right Level, His Way Is The Best Voice, The Wondrous Harmony Of Intellect, The Spacious Breath Of Divine Love, The Pure Radiance Of Being,

Your Sincerity Means Much To Him, Your Trials Mean Much To Him, Your Costs And Exercises And Habits, And Intentions Mean Much To Him.

O Blessed, Give Us The New Sight, Give Us The New Eyes To See Our Neighbor With Charity, Give Us The New Judgement To Listen With Purity. Now We Pray With You O Good Source Of Hope.

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