O King Of All Righteousness

O King of All Right, King Of All Glory, We Know Your Way, In Our True Mind, With Our True Heart, With Our Deep Being, With All The Saints and Heroes Of Your Name, My God, We Sing In All Exactness, We Choose In All Liberty, In Your Good Law, Take Us To A Better Land My God, Guide Us With Your Hand of Power. You Know What Is In Our Heart O Prudence, O Perfect Virtue, You Know The Way Of Beings, Who Is Like You, My God? Who Knows The Perfect Path? These Paths Are Truly Radiant O Christ, The Straight Way of Your Honor Is The Upright Way, The Mannerly and Powerful Way. All Powers and Dominions, All The Thrones of Heaven All Bow To Your Strength, They All Fear Your Wisdom. Your Style Is The One Style, Kingly Master. What Is Beauty Compared With You? What is Perfection Compared With You? What Is Might Compared With You? Your Style Is The One Perfect Form, Unchanged and Communitive, Stable and Adaptive, Eternal In Each Particular. What Endures Like You My God? What Rhymes Like Your Pattern? What Coincides Like Your Timing? What Relates Like Your Memory? There Is None In Your Category Or Class, There Is None Other That We Fear, There is None Other Of Your Sincerity.

I See No Evil, My God, I Fear No Evil, My God. I Fear None But You. All Living Expression Is Of Your Intellect.

Lord, Give Us The Death of A Precious Martyr, Of A Holy Saint, Of A Warrior Hero. You Alone Say When It Is Time To Depart This World, You Alone Know When Our Equation Is Balanced, You Alone Know What Is In Our Mind. And Before All Beings I Bear My Wholeness, Before All Beings I Give My Own Unworthy Providence, Before All Beings I Harmonize My Faults and Corrections. Before God, I Give Back All My Debts, I Strive To Reflect Only The Perfect Gift Given By God Alone. I Strive To Reflect Only The Great Work of God Given To The Blessed. This Is A Work For All Strivers, This Is A Testimony For All Who Have Knocked, This Is A Door For All Between Worlds. This The Art of All Arts, The Renewal And Restoration Of The Best Ages! God’s Word Refreshes, The Word Of Jesus Christ Renews. He Is The Baptism By Fire, He Is the Life Giving Water, No One Knows Where The Wind Comes From Nor Where It Goes, His Word Is A New Earth. Go To His Testament, Hear His Testimony, Hear His Revelation. Hear and See His Science of Sciences, Live In Him, Rise Without Pride.

Do You Think I Speak To You Alone? Do You Think You Created This World Alone? Do You Think This Was Made From Your Eyes? Are You Uncreated? Are You Forever A Being In God’s Presence? Are You Blessed And Holy And Clean In His Eyes? Where Does His Virtue Come From? By What Effort Is It Bestowed? His Hymn Is The Science of Sciences, His Character Is The Precision Beyond Math, His Boldness Is The Authority Beyond Governments, His Potency Is The Taste Of All Citrus And The Smell Of All Ointment. Who Can Compare With The Holy One? What Act Is Like His Righteousness? What Memory Sorts His Likeness From Unlikeness? By What Enfolded Logic Is His Space Made? By What Synchrony Is His Time Constructed?

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