O Highest Light

O Uncreated Heaven, O Eternal Star, All Of Your Vision Is A Point, All Of The Motions Pull Towards Love, Perfect The Strivings O Infinite One, Perfect The Intensions, Perfect The Actions, O Benevolent Wisdom, We Cry Unto Thy Majesty, We Live Forth In Thy Glory, We Pursue Wholly Thine Intellect, Your Excellence Is A Perpetual Flowering, And All Lives In The Structure Of The Uncreated Light, O Highest Light, O Sublime Intimation, Our Qualities Are In You, All Measure Is From You, All Choice Is From You, All Choosing Is Through Your Mind, O One Heart, Bleed Out The Sacred Glory To The Beings, Show Us The Beneficence, Show Us The Wealth Of Unspoken Innocence, Supreme Radiance, Guide Me Back To The Church Of The Ancients, Guide Me Back To The Wisdom Undying, Guide Me Back To The One Method, The Final Technique, The Divine Media, You Are The Law My God, You Are The Structure And The Tendency, You Are The King Above Materials And Techne, And We Breathe Forth In Thy Vitality, With All Vigor And Strength, With All Life Poured Out And Poured Forth, My Life Blood Is An Ocean, My Sacrifice Is A Giving, My Heart Yearns For Purity, O Holy Goodness, O Wise Benevolence, O Intelligent Plenum, Hear This Our Outcry, Hear This Our Bleeding Forth The Divine Light, That These Patterns And Symbols May Weave A Good Fabric Towards Your Truest Heaven

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