O God Of Victors

O God Of Victors O’er The Terrible Feeling, Give Us Your Strength To Overcome The Woeful Noise, That Powering Might Of Abysses, The Sorrowful Pits Of The Stomach, We Bow Not To The Weary Subjection, We Fear Not The Lost Confusion, O God Of Victors Live Inside Of Us And You Are The Strength In Us, You Are My Strength, All Of My Sustenance Comes From You, And I Seek Not My Own Glory, O God, I Seek Not My Own Profit, My Personality Is None But The Divine Expression, My Word Is None But The Divine Speech, The Song Of The Dove, For My Will Is Completely One With All Loving Infinity, O God Of Victors Why Is It That They Don’t Recognize Me? Why Is It That They Don’t See The Greatness Inside Of Me? Why Is It That My Outside Doesn’t Reflect My Inside? I Am Striving Only For Your Eternal Will, I Am Moving Only In Your Eternal Being, I Am One With Your Intention, In All Actions, In All Words, In All Considerations, O God Of All Victors, We Will Not Succumb To The Pitiable Sorrow, The Evil Despair, We Will Not Reject Or Deny You In Our Weakest Moment, But By Your Infusion We Rise In The Best Energy, O Source Of Vitality, O Consecrated Love, O Divine Guidance, We Proceed Into Your Logical Mystery, By Subtle Gate And Total Focus, By Math Unutterable, By Thoughts Embedded, By Aggregate Meaning, By The Whole In Each Aspect, Divine Interplay Most Favorable, Divine Guidance Most Precious, Sweet Consolations Without Spite Or Malice, We Overcome The Wretched State, We Were Not Made For Sinful Error Or Wrong-doing, We Were Not Made For Desperation, We Were Not Made For Idle Pleasure Seeking And Short Satisfactions, Our Honor Is The Highest Wisdom, Our God Is The Highest Perfection, There Is None Like Him, There Is None Besides Him, Power Most Sublime, Splendor Most Unutterable, Perfect Reason Of Being, O God Of All Victors, You Are The Christ Jesus, The Poesy Of Divine Math That Constitutes Ages, The Fundament And Foundation Of The Great Art Of Nations, The Inspiration Of Great Minds, The Motivation Of Highest Intellects, O Sovereign Of Creation, O Star Of The Crown, Speak To Us In the Best Voice Now, Speak To Us In The Radiant Song, The Voice Of Many Hues And Colors, The Voice In One Accord, Harmonize The Motions, Smooth The Waters, Give Perfect Leverage To The Bountiful Dispensation, O God Of The Victors, We Submit Not To Evil, But Fear Your Might Alone, We Submit Not To The Enemies Who Surround Us, But With The Best Logic We Win Our Fight

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