O God Of Healing

Source Of Good Healing, Source Of Renewal And Restoration, You Are The Primal Energy Of Existence, Yours Is The Source Of Motion And Harmony, All Change In You Is Towards Benefit, All Love In You Is Effortless, O Healing Grace, Righteous Purity, Glory Of The Medicines And Healers, All Wounds And Sins Are Overcome In Your Bounty, Your Mind Is The Perfect Solution, All Problems And Anxieties Have Recourse To Thy Cure, O God Of Healing, Sing Of The Great Physician, The Divine Physician, Sing Of The Doctors Of The Church, Sing Of Miraculous Restoration, Your Hymn Is The Consecration Of The Age To Eternity, Your Praise And Honor Is To Bring All Peoples Into Harmony, We Live In What Is Best, With The Perfect Order, We Are Limited And Without The Knowledge Of God Until Your Face Is Revealed, We Live In Your Healing, O Most High, Let All Of Time Be A Centration Towards Your Surging Vitality, Let All Time Be Oriented To One Action, Let All Time Be A Correction Of The Original Wound, All Our Misguidance Brought Back To The One Way, All Our Errors Be Shown For Greater Purpose, All Creation Yearns For The One Great Action, For The Divine Outpouring, For The Harmonized Flourishing, For The Precise And Accurate Resonance, O God Of Healing, We The Sick Petition Thee To Come To Us Now, To Live Inside Of Us, O Jesus Christ, Divine Physician, We Will Never Concede To The Disease, We Will Never Give In To The Great Despair, We Will War Against The Horrible Feeling And The Terrible Image Of The Deep, For We Know That Evil Is Without Substance, And Only You Are God, Only You Are True, O Healing, Only The Surging Perfection Of All Motives In Radiance Has Reality In The Great Design, Only The Glory Of The Restoration Is Upon Us, O Healing Of Suns, O Sayings Of Honor, For The Mathematized Harmony Courses In The Blood Of Heroes And Saints, It Will Conquer The Ages, The Purity Of The Martyrs Will Conquer The Dry Deserts, The Purity Of The Mountain Springs Will Quench The Parched Gardens Waiting With Thirst, The Source Of Your Healing Dwells Within The Deepest Life Of The Mind, Within The Discomfort Of The Body, Your Great Healing Brings All Things To The Living Balance, All Sores And Aches Are Retributed To The Source, Deep Within Is The One Universal Nature That Is Clear And Still Beyond Us, And Reaching Into Her Without Curiosity Does Your Living Breath Sustain The World, How Do You Sustain The Trees And The Herds And The Seas, How Do You Make The Flowers Spring Out Of Their Grounds, How Do You Put Nourishment In The Hearts Of Rational Beings, How Do You Give Wisdom To The Angels? Holy Source Of Infinite Lights, Lets Us See That Light Which Composes Us, Let Us See That Pattern Of Our Being, Let Us Understand Our Construction And Our Pure Theme, All Out Habits And Attitudes Are Like Higher Objects That We Almost Know, They Organize Our Movement In A Grand Symphony Of Culture, Let Us Speak Those Structures, Lets Us Harmonize The Ways, Good Loving, This Way Is The Profound

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