O God of All Wisdom

You are The Protection, You are The Strength, O God of All Wisdom, Put Fire in My Mind, Put Fire To My Will, That My Will May Be One In Your Own. For I AM What Your Wisdom Signifies. I AM Your Child, O Wisdom, O Source Of Strength. We Cry To Thee For Return, We Cry Unto Thee With All Our Trials, You Suffer With Us, But This Pain Is Still Nothing In Your Eyes, It Is Nothing In Your Vastness, In Your Incredible Life, In Your Vitality, In Your Beauty, No Pain Or Obstacle Or Enemy Is Comparable In Your Light, No One Has Authority To Vanquish Us Because We Fear You Alone And No Other Causes Us To Tremble, It Is Only Your Good Beyond All Good, Your Righteousness Above All Righteousness, Your Glory Above All Glory, You Alone Cause Us to Quake, You Alone Put Fear In Our Heart, And Therefore Are We Pure, Absolutely Clean, In Intention And Action. Are We Alive Beyond All Charisma, Sustained Beyond All Endurance. We Are In Your Divine Wisdom, O Perfect Certainty, In You Our AIM Is True, In You Our Life Is Fulfilled, Our Theme Is Complete, Our Actions and Image Are Taken In the Best Light. This Is The Message, This is the Source, This Is The Deepest Abiding Harmony, That All Creation Was Made and Is Made and Will Be Made Around Your Divine Centricity, Both One And Variegated. O Source of All Mercy, O Source Of All Bestowal Beyond Bounty, Above Providence, The Superabundant Precision, The Accurate Love, The Correction By Grace, Your Charity Is Above The Best Gift, And I AM Always Your Servant, I AM in Liberty By Your Mastery. O Music Above Music, All Actions And Thoughts Are Truly Compatibly Loving and Always Improved By Your Life Teaching, Your Fount of Life Springs, Your Tree of Infinite Harmony, Your Good Thought Is Truly Like a Tree, O God, Of Your Garden, Of the Good Place, With All Branches In Lawful Accordance, We See No Evil, O God, As We Dwell In Your Grace, As We Dwell In Your Best Creation, For We Are The Uncreated, Those Who Have Always Been With You, Our Memory Is Only Of You, Our Life’s Theme Is Complete In You, For You Are What You Are, And You Are What I AM, And You Are What We Are, And You Are Above All And Not Of Them, Without Error Or Idleness, And You Are Beyond Them, In Total Fulfillment. Give Us This Day, O God, Your Mana Of Heaven Is Sufficient To Sustain Us, Your Life Giving Water Is Sufficient To Sustain Us, Your Blood Is Sufficient To Cleanse Us Of Our Guilt, For We Are The Innocent Radiance, The Life Purified, The Life Splendorous, The Celestial Riders, O Life Giving God, Source Of Love, Through You We Overcome All Fear and Iniquity That We May Renew The Great Art Once More, That We May Renew The Great Science Once More, That We May Give Life To The Community, To The Nations, To The World, Once More, Because Only In Your Will Is Our Own Satisfied. Nothing Will Be Adequate With Us Until You Show Your Face To Us. And Your Revelation Is Compatibly Loving In The Entirety Of Your Ages And Completely Unique. Each Local Difference, Each Individual, Each Uniqueness Is Preserved Without Blending or Sameness, Each Life Is Glorified In Harmonious Compatibility In the Great Song, O God.

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