O God Aid Us

O God Help Us Who Are Perishing, Help Us Who Are Sinking Down And Suffering, Help Those Who Are Lost And Hopeless, For The World Has Always Hope With You; They Say You Are Dead, They Say You Are Cruel, They Say You Are Fantasy, O God Of Infinite Mysteries, Hear Our Prayer, You Are The Hidden Face, You Are The One Secret, They Have Uncovered Every Mystery And Have Detailed Every Knowledge But They Still Don’t Know You, They Still Haven’t Understood The Infinite, They Still Don’t Know Your Name, O Most High You See All The Motions, You Know All The Thinking, Let Us Free Of These Fake Wise Ones, Let Us Free Of These Kings Of The Earth, These Proud Knowers, These Wretched And Sleek Merchants Of Death, They March Us Towards Oblivion, They Lead Us Towards Emptiness, They Care Not For Righteousness And Love, They Care Not For Holiness And Purity, They Are Unphased And Indolent Knowers

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