His Voice Is Reason

O God Of Reasons, O Source Of Truth, Your Voice Speaks To Me In My Intellect, Your Voice Radiates Like Colors Of The Sun, Your Voice Grows Inside Of My Mind, Not At All Outlandish, Not At All Beyond Understanding, Not At All Contradictory, Your Voice Is The Warm Comfort, It Is The Gentle Urging Towards The Highest Things, It Is The Serious Discipline Of Weighing, O Good Reason, O Source Of The Good Speech, O Source Of The Fruitful Art, Say What It Is That Composes The Beings, Say What It Is That Animates The Lives Of Saints, Say What It Is That Constitutes The Nations, O Gentle Love Of Man, Source Of The Eternal Winds Of Breathing, What Is It That Gives Power To You The Almighty? What Is It That Motivates The Harmonies? What Is It That Gives Shared Life To Churches? O Bountiful One, Clear The Webs And The Haze, Cut Away The Errors Of The Careless, O Voice Of Reason, Your Expression Lives Inside My Conscience, Like A Perfect Measure, As A Perfect Index Of All Thought, As A Perfect Record Of Memory, O One Reason, Orient The Ways And Motions, Give Purpose To The Actions, That All Is Guided Towards One True Life, That All Is Discerned And Determined By One Standard, All Are Subject To The Excellent Value, All Are Within The Great Cause, We Bow To The Divine Holiness, O God, We Bow To The Divine Hidden Splendor, That You May Show Your Face To Us, That You May Reveal The Good Reason To Us Once And For All, And All Words Are Given Life By Their Position, All Expressions Are Just As Themselves, Being Weighed In Relation To One Standard Of Beauty, Interwoven Through All Of Nature Is The Creator’s Subtle Thread, Invisible And In Good Keeping Is The Harmony Of Wisdom, Perpetually Thriving Towards Nourishment Is The Great Community, All Is A Celebration Of Our Innate Quality, The One Law Of Movement That We Ascribe To And Follow And Live For

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