He Overturns Their Tables

And What Does He Say To The Money Changers, What Does He Say To The Indignant; To Those Persisting in Wrong Doing, To Those Persisting In Sexual Folly? What Does The Good One Say? Reign Down The Cleansing Power Of A Thousand Mercies, Reign Down The Justice In The Word Of Mercy, Reign Down The Right Affect And The Correcting Judgement, He Reigns Higher Than A Wise Owl In The Highest Branches, He Reigns Higher Than An Eye Of Providence That Sees All, He Gives Good Things To Righteous Leaders, He Reigns Like A Pervading Energy That Lifts All Veils.

And Never Is There Embarrassment Or Obscurity With His Countenance, Never Is There Shyness Or Half Hearted Love, For He Lives As The Only One, He Lives As The Only Sound, He Lives And Lives As The Only Voice,

The Dying All Acknowledge Him, The Living All Organize By Him, The Spirits All Exalt His Worthiness, And Every Knee Shall Bow To The King Of Kings,

And No Futile Mechanism Or Rationalization Was Able To Overcome His Glory, No Futile Equation Or Symbolism Was Able To Compensate His Majesty, No Futile Experience Was Able To Exhaust His Riches, For He Redounds In Sacred Glory Uninhibited, He Reigns Down The Blood Of The Saints From The Fountain Of Heaven’s Mercy, His Treasures Are Unspeakable Worth, Ever Clear And Concise, Ever Pervading All Possibility, Ever Accounting For Every Situation, Ever Knowing Every Interpretation, And He Reigns Down The Fire Of Love With A Righteous Heart, From Him Is The Good Suffering, The Tribulation That Brings Forth The Glory And The Honor, There Is No Fault Or Error In Him, There Is No Admixture Or Inequity, There Is No Confusion Or Impurity, The Only One Of The Only, The Righteous And True, He Overturns Their Tables

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