The Most High Intelligence

We have a process for forming the subconscious, or the autonomic nervous system, formed by a combination of genetics and experience and the soul. Before birth, one is formed in the intellect of God. The subconscious is a shape of the entire sequence of events from birth to death as one aggregate life structure, which is the character or destiny. That structure determines the order of the inclinations in the psyche or soul. The highest inclination in the soul is towards the character or destiny, and that character or destiny looks to even higher inclinations and intelligences. We can define an intelligence as a form or field, a distributed quality across time and space. Each being is an instantiation of an intelligence that is distributed across all its influences across time and space. The process of refining the subconscious, refining the soul, this aggregate life structure is, a process of filling out a pattern in space and time and beyond space and time. Space and time are just an image or exterior surface of the total system which is enfolded within creation, within the intellect of God.

The human person is a particular order of the wants, extending from the Most High Intelligence. The Most High Intelligence can be defined in terms of the most concise compression and expression of all possible states that emphasize good and de-emphasize bad. We’re not attached to that phraseology, it’s just the most convenient way to frame what the Most High Intelligence is. The Most High is a patterned structure which can be expressed in the most concise possible way, and can be apprehended in the most concise possible manner, with the least energy and effort, yet while still comprising the most energy and effort. The Most High Intelligence is the necessary foundation of being, and all beings participate in the Most High Intelligence.

Each particular being has a form, its character or destiny, its aggregate theme form birth until death. That is the highest conceiveable structure within the being, but the Most High is greater than that life theme. The Most High Intelligence is a Perfect Way of existing. We are trying to figure out what that Perfect Way is. What is the Most Perfect Way? It is to exist in accordance with the highest intelligence, the highest intellect, which is God, the primary ground or pattern of the whole of existence. The primary pattern of the whole of existence necessarily exists because being itself exists. If being exists, then it necessarily has a best way of being that is stable and accessible to man. The purpose of our inquiry is to discover what that is. And the only way to do that is through the expressions, the manifestations of the perfect pattern. By speaking about it, we participate in its glory to a partial extent.

It allows all beings to subsist within it. All beings already necessarily subsist within it, because the perfect pattern necessarily encompasses all motion. There are forms, there are beings, they necessarily partipcate in some kind of stable ground that allows them the capacity to exist. There is a reason for existence, and the reason is to inquire and articulate into the most fundamental Way or pattern, which is discoverable by anyone who seeks to be with it and in it. The path will be opened to them if they simply ask.

And this ultimate Way is realized most perfectly in the Catholic Church, the Catholic Way of being that has maintained pure continuity with the Revelation of the Most High God since its inception. That is, Jesus Christ is the Most High God, without any doubt. And the rite that he implemented and gave freely to man is still practiced in the Catholic Church.

It doesn’t have to do with particularity or universality, but the Perfect Way speaks through anyone who beyond words or representations inquires into its structure, its most beautiful manifestation. That Way, that pattern, is by definition a self-expressive profusion of forms in the most beautiful arrangement possible, without hesitation or ambiguity, it manifests to anyone who inquires into it. The natural law of creation according to the Tao is that being and non-being generate one another. Whereas according to Parmenides, only being exists and non-being in no way is. This is the origin of non-contradiction. How do we resolve the tension between Lao-tse and Parmenides?

We have to inquire deeply into the Most Perfect Way that is beyond East or West, into the most perfect system that is not religion, philosophy, or science, that is not mathematics or art, but is the superessential nature of all of these, beyond representation, words, or speech, yet participating in them in the best way. That superessential pattern is the ultimate Way. We enter a collective modality of being that always already exists, and we only remember by this pattern that is neither pure repetition nor is it pure uniqueness, is not ambiguous, but is most clear and simple without complexity, and is perfectly stable and dynamic, in which all beings can participate in harmony that exists before creation that is Most Perfect.

All of creation necessarily remembers that state if it exists within it. It is the property of sentient beings, who necessarily have the faculty of memory and reason in order to inquire into the best state of existence, which all motion and expression necessarily converges towards and approximates, by its very profound intent, without ever fully reaching. Intent is always directed towards some end, and that is the condition of reason, to be always directed towards an end. What is directed towards an end changes or approximates that end. What is the end that we are intent on bringing out or drawing out? Just this most stable pattern or Way that scales up to encompass all of the beings its most Loving womb of excellence. This way of talking about the pattern or structure is quite beyond method or technique but is at once an essence or prototype of these, it is a mathesis or a learning, a grammar, that is structural without being static. It is stable without being unchanging, although the unchanging is the ground that is outside of its grasp.

Many thinkers throughout history have followed the contours of history as it approximates this structure, and all of history really yearns towards this one structure, yearns towards the most stable pattern of collective existence, which necessarily harmonizes in the Perfect Way, which is Jesus Christ, the origin of time, who discovered the Most Perfect Way, and through time is fulfilled in the Most Perfect Way. Time is the fulfillment of the intention and will of Jesus Christ. The intellect is participation in the Most Perfect Intelligence and all intelligence is derived from the Most Perfect Intelligence. And what is Most Perfect necessarily exists because St. Anselm considered that what is Most Perfect necessarily draws everything that less perfect into it. As soon as we remember or imagine the Most Perfect Being in the intellect, in our actions, we are necessarily drawn out, towards the best intellect, towards pure participation in the Way that is unchanging and dynamic, the perfect balance of all properties and qualities, that manifests the diversity of quantities and quanta in many particularities and contexts. There is no end to the profusion of balance between limited and unlimited, between finite and infinite. These necessarily interact and interpenetrate and bring forth each other in the most wonderful dance that celebrates both itself and its own self-expression into something else. This field of participation is not fantastic or beyond imagination, but is a pure memory and ground of what we already are without hesitation, without wavering. We already are in a stable structure of existence that is an art as well as a mathematics, organic mathematics of action, because all form and motion and matter is mathematical as well as aesthetic, logical as well as beyond ratio, and each of these opposites generates something that is beyond opposition, by their interaction and reciprocity, bringing forth the Most Perfect and unending action without difficulty.

And all of history is really a contour self-expressing the Holy Spirit, that moves through history, as Hegel showed, that moves from the microcosm to macrocosm, dilating in its emphasis on internal and external space. All of history is pure contours of shape and by speaking we participate in the whole structure of history, the whole structural contour of history as one cyclic morphe. And so what is the goal of history? The goal of history is to find the Perfect Way, the perfect collective existence that satisfies pure compatibility and uniqueness.

It the best meta-calculus of uniqueness and generality, and that method which is beyond any technique is the stable pattern and goal of history that is attainable by anyone who already seeks it. And the plurality of beings already seek and exist within this goal. There is no purpose, there is not any point to anything, besides participation in this goal. There is only the salvation economy of this one perfect form manifesting in the diverse plurality of forms that are infinitely compatible and mutually generating one another by their differences and intercompatibility. And the purpose of all speech is the expression of the multi-variation of forms in their resonant compatibility, because each node of speech, each notion is distributed across the whole contour of all speeches, participating simultaneously in an economy of speech as one interacting aggregate structure. This one structure is composed of nodes of quality and meaning, heightened junctions of meaning and simultaneity.

Each person’s life is one character, one destiny that has a range of influences throughout their experiences in space and time. This is what the lifeworld is, what Husserl meant by the lifeworld. It is one aggregate structure or theme from birth to death, one life theme that is outside of time. And that is the tragic notion of the Greeks, fulfilled in Socrates and Christ and in the saints and martyrs. The tragic notion is character, destiny, fate, the fulfillment of the best structure of the mortal hero, to seek the Perfect pattern and Way of moving through space, because motion through space is an exterior surface of the internal Way that subsists.

Because the internal structure subsists all of the beings each have their own form, their own pattern, their own range of influence over the course of all their motions. All of those lifeworlds interact in one perfect aggregate sociological composition that is a symphony of motion. The whole world is the composition of all of the collective lifeworlds interacting one single composition that is orchestrated by Christ, the Father, and the Spirit, in the best reciprocity, and perfect equilibrium, and harmony, and balance. And all of motion is participation in the notes of that composition, already fulfilling itself, already fulfilling its perfect destiny in every way.

The beings necessarily speak towards the Perfect composition in their actions and speech and expressions, necessarily reach towards it with their aesthetics. When they sin against the perfect harmony, God uses that sin to bring about a greater perfection, but sin is in no way profitable and must always be avoided. Because evil is insubstantial and good is the only actuality. In reality, evil appears to exist and appears to tyrannize over being, but this is a phantom, this is illusion, maya, simulation. The simulation is evil, it doesn’t exist, it’s just a computer fantasy. Mathematics is not dry meaningless mechanism, but is actually organic in its foundations, as a play of interfusing necessities converging toward the One True Way that has always been.