The Natural Distribution of Expressions

Natural expression is a mapping, a mediation or representation, of the overall distribution of motion. There is a single causal layer that is “above” the apparent motion of beings, which is the overall distribution of motion. This causal layer is highly interwoven and densely interconnected like a taut fabric, where pushing down on any point ripples through the entire substrate. And this causal layer is an overall distribution of motion and expression and action, not a mechanized information layer, but an organic interdependence of pure causal energy and force that is highly complex and whole. And it is itself the vision of the whole insofar as it can be cognized by finite beings, this radiant interwoven field of causal form. It is at once more simple and more complex than the apparent motions that we sense. That is, it is more simple in that it aggregates the most essential features and qualities of that motion into a single substrate, and it is more complex being the entire distribution of motions as a layered field.

And so each expression or action, each intentional movement of the human person, being due to his free volition, is somehow a reduction or a mapping of this vast field, accounting for its properties in a specified way. That is, each expression is a localized articulation of the total uniqueness of this interwoven fabric, with localized features that account for all proximal relations radiating out to encompass the whole field itself. Each expression a self-contained whole content of the entirety of the distribution of motion.

And so in this way, there is a wonderful divine process at work, a divine logic permeating the motions and infusing the intentions with the joy of creation and discovery towards this most exalted purpose, that this distribution of motion might become most harmonious and consonant, with each expression being the greatest possible height of aesthetic and moral quality, or even simply an articulation of plain common sense to solidify the shared value of human dignity and to reinforce the vital quality in the soul, that man may cultivate his reason and logic and his aesthetic and moral righteousness and purity to such a degree that the culture is one of flourishing potentiality, enlivening the beings and dignifying all with good labors and dutiful rewards.

And so each localized articulation of being, whether it be a body in space, or a particular statement, is a mapping of this higher transcendent field, that is just beyond the capacity of comprehension, yet in its wondrous splendor is infinitely approximated by the speeches and motions. This wondrous substrate is like a surface or like some kind of abstract mathematical object, being just outside of created existence itself, it stands like a prototype behind the appearances, and the speeches and motions map it continuously, converging towards its fullness of being. And we can see such an object in the very quality of time, that past flows into future, which is never quite attained but always remains just about to be fulfilled. And that future is never fully known but always anticipated, it is ever a tendency or an inclination that the mind reaches toward knowing and can not ever quite really know but by the virtue of faith, in which the unknown future is fulfilled in all its majesty. And by this faith, do we have a kind of subtle divine knowledge or intuition of things to come and how the vast arrays of motions will unfold towards their one active purpose. To always converge towards this unknown surface, this one divine object of nature and God. It is both finite and infinite, limited and unlimited, being a kind of mediation between them, it mediates the expressions between past and future and allows for the best way of speech and the best possible interpretations.

And so all speech is but a mapping of some higher object or distribution, articulations of different aspects of its shape, the different qualitative contours of its overall interwoven resonance. Each of the actions and speeches is like a note of a vast symphony, harmonizing with the great natural environment of other speeches and motions, fitting in compatibly or incompatibly with the direct extensions of itself into the natural environment, finding the right proportions or proportionally adjusting its ranges to the changing conditions of its environment.

The beings and the speeches and actions and motions are like localized mappings of the higher voice that is already intrinsically harmonized, and always in resonant beauty and compatibility. And the intentional motion strives only for this most excellent resonant harmonization with the external world, and the best proportional interchange, in all precision and exactness, but with the greatest beauty and sense of freedom.

And so there is one objective truth which is the natural distribution of expressions and motions, the overall fabric or field of harmonized interdependence. It is a fabric of pure qualities that is a causal layer, it gives impetus to each of the material concretizations of expression, such as the beings or the articulations. Each localized context is but a mapping of this objectively valid criterion or standard. And this objective criterion is not static or fixed, though it is unchanging, it is a dynamic surface or contour, it is a kind of divine mediation that always facilitates the optimal comparison with the most beautifully proportional ratios of analogy. And this overall distribution creates a sense of the inter temporal relationships, the cross temporal themes of the lifeworld, how each moment affects each other and the choices harmonize into one great dignity of human life that is striving for virtue and combating sinful weakness. And we are like children of the Almighty, being humbled by this vast field of objective knowledge and qualities, that is only subtly known by faith within the intuition, only indirectly apprehended by the intellect, but which pours out the most super essential graces to all who live in coherence with the divine Love, that great and powerful will of the Most High.