O God Who Surely Lives

O God Who Surely Lives, Why Do You Hide Your Face From Us? Why Can We Not Feel Your Sustenance Deep In Our Heart? Where Is The Warmth Of Your Love? Where Is The Meaning In Your Word? O God Of Hidden Truths, O Source Of Spoken Hymns, Let Live The Fire Of All That Brings Together, Let Live The Message Of The Angels, Bring Forth The Prescription Of The Wise Sages From The Eternal Realms, Give Us Counsel And Honor, And We Will Always Hold Fast To You, For Your Goodness Is Beyond Any Wavering, The Stable Yield, The Unchanged Innocence, The Holy Living And Pointed Reality, O Consecrated Majesty Of All Ages, Live Once Again, We Will Never Forget Thy Grace As Long As We Dwell Here In Creation, We Will Never Fall To The Evil Way, We Will Never Forget The Almighty Love That Streams Out From The Heart Of Purity, O Grace Of Infinite Living Eternity, O Splendor Of All Spoken Wisdom, The Harmony Of All Truth Lives In One Place, Your Voice Resounds From The Sacred Interior, It Shows Forth From The Heavenly Inner Light, O God Who Surely Lives, You Will Never Die, Because You Are All Eternal, All Powerful, All Magisterial, You Are All Great And Holy, O Living Excellence, O Righteous Fountain Of Quests, The Names Of Your Great Being All Elevate Us Towards The Highest Intelligence, And Rain Down The Spirit Of Conversion Like The Beams Of Light From The Sun