The Core Model of Social Science

The scientific revolution of Johannes Kepler, Nicholas Copernicus, and Galileo Galilei was considered the overturning of Aristotelian final cause, which had been at the basis of scholastic, Thomistic sacred science. The subsequent inquiries of Rene Descartes further emphasize mechanical matter as a separate substance from the organic mind. And pressing even further, Isaac Newton laid … Continue reading The Core Model of Social Science

Vision for Baltimore

Baltimore has an undeniable momentum as a creative and scientific community. Entrepreneurship, arts, music, sciences all flourish in Baltimore. If creative work is rooted in deep, foundational structures of the human mind, then it inevitably produces lasting, sustainable aesthetics and culture. We see lasting, sustainable aesthetics in ancient Egypt (Kemet), ancient Greece, in the Florentine … Continue reading Vision for Baltimore

Liberal Arts Curriculum

The apprenticeship curriculum of the seven liberal arts of contemporary global relevance.  Religion (Grammar) St. Augustine- Confessions (397) St. Augustine- City of God St. Anselm- Proslogion (1077) St. Thomas Aquinas- Summa Theologica St. Thomas Aquinas- Commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics Henri de Lubac- Medieval Exegesis (1959) Romano Guardini- The End of the Modern World (1950) Etienne Gilson- The Unity … Continue reading Liberal Arts Curriculum

Pure Theory of Spatial Networks

Introduction: The true source of market value competes with the market itself for the coordination of human affairs. This is what a successful business is- a more effective way of coordinating knowledge. This is what the Catholic Church is. This is what government is. This is what central banks are. This is what true science … Continue reading Pure Theory of Spatial Networks

Ecology of Category Relations

The global financial system has the appearance of an interdependent ecology. Price changes in one area propagate out to affect all interlinked economic actors. But this financial ecology is not yet adequately integrated into the ecology of the natural environment. There are problems of asymmetric information and externalities. Capitalist coordination is actually embedded within a … Continue reading Ecology of Category Relations

Foundations of Spatial Networks

The tech economy is over! It's a massive bubble. The signs that the tech-based economy is over: Calls to break up tech monopolies. Google has been in extensive antitrust battles with EU since 2010. FTC fines Facebook $5 billion for Cambridge Analytica scandal. (7/24/19) Facebook is under antitrust investigation from multiple states. (9/6/19) FTC Chairman … Continue reading Foundations of Spatial Networks